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High quality Camera and Lens

We are a wholesale importer and distributor of technologies and electronics such as Security Products, LED Panel lights, Solar heating and LED Components.
visit us and see our latest products in Düren, Germany our Main European office and warehouse, or at some of Europe's leading trade shows.

GBC aims to deliver the latest technology and offers the highest quality products to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders

CCTV and Lens

Our CCTV camera and high quality Lens are ideal for retail and commercial properties, Commercial and public sectors can benefit from incorporating GBCs cameras in there security projects.

GBC helping you to see clearly.

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Solar Power and Heating

GBC specializes in Sourcing, development, manufacture and sales of glass evacuated tube solar products, with dedicated solar specialists who offer high level solar water heater advice.

Solar Power is the future we have an effective solution for you.

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Led Components

Design service for all types of LED electronic equipment. GBC is wholly committed to your success get in touch now.

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